Kate Morris Jewelry

Our good friend Kate Morris is an amazing jewelry artist. She creates stunning pieces that go with virtually any outfit, and the story behind her company is rather interesting. When Kate was 16, she traveled to Bolivia on a mission trip. While she was there, she discovered all kinds of people using a vast variety of materials and colors to create art. She also discovered different types of gemstones, metals, and the jewelry making process. 

From then on she was sold. She was inspired to experiment and make jewelry of her on. It began as just making some pieces for herself, which led to making pieces as gifts for friends and selling to friends, which in turn led to online sales, local stores, and artisan shows.

Today, because of her love for missions, at least 10% of every order goes to the International Mission Board. We, at Bustle, are big fans of Kate Morris, and her jewelry is absolutely exquisite!