Great Bear Wax Company

Great Bear Wax Company is a candle business based out of Birmingham, Alabama. The candles that founder Jake Carnley creates are mainly scents that can be found in nature such as, campfire, forest, and jasmine. The company has a really cool story of how it all began.

Carnley explains that he's always enjoyed working with his hands, and he's loved what candles bring to a room, so he made a leap of faith and created Great Bear Wax Co. with only about $900 (which broke even within the first 48 hours of opening). He believes that his company is personable and creates a relationship with the consumers who buy his product versus buying a mass made candle at a chain store.

In the words of Jake Carnley, "Candles bring comfort, peace, friendliness, communion, and familiarity to a room. A lit candle means 'something's happening.'"