Bustle Bride: Sarah Whittle Davitt

When Sarah Whittle and Michael Davitt first met at a mutual friend’s Super Bowl party, they were both attracted to each other but didn’t say much during the party. Michael knew he wanted to get to know Sarah better, so he asked his friend for her number the day after the Super Bowl party, and they had their first date shortly after that. From then on, they were inseparable!

“I knew early on I was going to marry Sarah,” said Michael, “Sarah and I had planned to take Christmas pictures with our dog, Sasha, so we could send out Christmas cards. I knew right then my plans were to ask that important question. I reached out to Sarah’s friend Kristin, who took our pictures, and informed her of my plans so we were on the same page. We began taking pictures in front of the town hall in Moss Preserve in Hoover, AL when I grabbed the ring and got down on one knee to asked her to marry me.”

Sarah and Michael were married on August 3rd, 2019 at First Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL surrounded by their friends and family. We are so happy to share their beautiful wedding day with you!

My favorite part was of course was first look I had when Michael saw me for the first
time and that anticipation as we begin this journey to join our lives together. All the months of
planning for this special moment is what a girl dreams of her whole life especially when you
know you have found the person God has for you. I couldn’t stop smiling at him knowing this is
just the beginning. - Sarah
[Sarah] is the most compassionate and selfless person I’ve ever met. There’s never a dull moment with her. Her love not just for me but for other people is contagious and is felt by everyone she meets. I truly am the luckiest and most blessed man to call Sarah my wife and to share this life with her. - Michael


Dress - Bustle Gowns

Photography - Brooke Glassford with Colorbox

Venue - The Oaks Plantation

Cake - Cake Designs

Flowers - Elizabeth Fritz

Hair - Emily Shanks

Makeup - Eva Crockett at Gus Mayer

Catering - A Catered Affair

Daughters Baking

Recently, we paid a visit to the site of Daughters Baking, where deliciously beautiful naked cakes are created. Talented owner, Mallory Webb, told us all about her business and how it all started.

She began her cake baking journey while working at Urban Standard, a local Birmingham café, where she experimented with baking and practiced her skills. She started baking cakes at home, and with the help of her friends and church community, her dream grew into a full-time business. Everyone wanted a taste of her delicious and beautiful confections! Along with the growing volume of personal orders, she began selling her cakes at Pizzaria GM in Homewood.

Before visiting Daughters Baking, we had never tasted these cakes we heard so much about. We were curious to know if they lived up to the hype…. The answer is YES! They absolutely do! We were blown away by Mallory’s unique and delicious flavor combinations. We sampled three flavors: Blueberry Lemon, Raspberry Mascarpone, and Wedding Cake. You can see the full list of available flavors on the Daughters Baking website.

Mallory Webb, Owner of Daughters Baking.

We were shocked to learn that Mallory is a self-taught baker - no professional training! She came up with the entire process for making her naked cakes, and developing the flavors.

The elegant and distinctive look of these “naked” cakes makes them ideal for many occasions but especially weddings! They’re perfect for brides who want to add a fun and interesting twist to a traditional wedding cake. Plus, the unique flavor combinations give you a way to customize your wedding cake even further!

We loved visiting Daughters Baking and chatting with Mallory. We were highly impressed with her cakes and think you will be too!

If you’d like to try one of her marvelous cakes for yourself, you can order them straight from the Daughters Baking website, or you can find them at Pizzeria GM in West Homewood, Fig Tree Cafe in Cahaba Heights, and Bare Naked Noodles on 280. You can choose from a variety of sizes and delicious flavors!

Bustle Bride: Paige Dye

Paige moved to Birmingham in 2013 and met Allen through mutual friends in 2016. Allen proposed to Paige at his family’s farm. He had disguised the proposal as a “Friendsgiving,” but when Paige pulled up to the house she was surprised to see a row of lanterns leading to a table with pictures of the two of them. There was a canvas with the lyrics of Elvis Presley’s song “Can’t Stop Falling in Love” painted on it. This song became their first dance at their wedding! They were married December 15th, 2018 at The Barn at Shady Lane.

Paige says her favorite part of their wedding day was their “first look.” Initially Allen was nervous, but all the nerves went away once they saw each other. They were able to soak up a beautiful moment together on their wedding day. We are so happy to share these lovely photos of their beautiful day!

Since we had the wedding in Alabama, it was so much fun having my friends and family from Florida come up and be able to celebrate our special day with us!


Venue: The Barn at Shady Lane

Photographer: Audrey Reid

Catering: Happy Catering

Wedding Planner: Southern Styled Events

Gown: Bustle Gowns

Videographer: Stoneybrook Films

Favors: Heavenly Donuts

Groomsmen gifts that are actually perfect.

We know finding the right gifts for your groomsmen can be pretty tricky. You want to be thoughtful, you need to please everyone, and you want something affordable - well, we found something that meets ALL the criteria! These personalized wallets are sleek and simple, appropriate for a wide range of personal styles and they’re only $30 with personalization! Oh, and they come in an awesome gift box.

wallet, groomsman, groom, gift, personalized wallet, leather wallet
wallet, personalized wallet, groomsman gift, gift, leather wallet
wallet, leather wallet, gift, groomsman gift

Venue Feature: Belle Farm

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Belle Farm, a wedding venue south of Birmingham. If you’re looking for a beautiful and charming outdoor venue, this may be just the one for you!

Here are the details:

Location - 15390 Co Rd 55, Sterrett, AL 35147

Capacity - 275

Price - Since pricing varied depending on your needs, we recommend contacting Belle Farms to get an estimate!

Belle Farm has all you need for a beautiful ceremony and reception (or even a rehearsal dinner)! They have a beautiful bridal suite for you and your bridesmaids to get ready as well as two separate rooms for the girls and guys to get ready in the reception space (see below). These kind and talented owners were so thoughtful and deliberate in creating the perfect venue. In short, they thought of everything! We took some photos during the visit so you can see all that this lovely venue has to offer.






Bride: Trina Ware, Photographer:  Jett Walker Photography

Bride: Trina Ware, Photographer: Jett Walker Photography

Bride: Chelsi Ganus, Photographer:  Flatwoods Photography

Bride: Chelsi Ganus, Photographer: Flatwoods Photography

The Owners of Belle Farm! Photographer:  Flatwoods Photography

The Owners of Belle Farm! Photographer: Flatwoods Photography

Dixie’s Guide to the Art of the Thank You Note

Thank you note obligations can seem daunting, especially if you fall behind. But our Southern mothers raised us to know that this form of etiquette was never to be overlooked. We were taught to always acknowledge our thanks in a written form.

Our mothers’ opinion on this matter was not unfounded. The queen of etiquette herself also mandates the handwritten note: According to The Emily Post Institute, the “the handwritten thank-you note speaks volumes simply as a medium and sends the message that you care enough to invest yourself personally in acknowledging another.”

So if thank you notes tend to ever linger on your to-do list, please allow us to share a few of our guaranteed-to-make-them-smile thank you note tips... 

  • Designate a Special Spot - Create a cozy nook in your home specifically devoted to your note writing.  Holly Hollon, Dixie Design’s Creative Consultant, has a beautiful secretary desk (shown above) that has inspired us to do this very thing:

Last Christmas my mother gave me a secretary. I have an office in my home, but it is full to the brim with art supplies and my work, my address list and stationery would easily get lost in there and delay in me writing thank you notes. I filled the secretary in my living room with my stationery and all the things needed to write a note. This helped me in having a designated spot to pen notes promptly, consider a special place in your home to store your stationery, a nice pen and stamps.

  • Thoughtfully Choose Your Stationery - While we certainly have a plethora of lovely personalized options available here, the possibilities are endless! Have fun with your notes, so that they reflect your personality in the design. Also, we have learned so much from Interior Designer Holly Holden’s take on the traditional approach to thank you notes from her tutorial here. Fun fact... Holly designates the fold-over stationery card, rather than the the flat note card, as the most formal note.

  • Date It - Etiquette Expert Lee Cordone, of DoSayGive, says to always include this when you are writing notes you think someone may keep. 

  • Greeting - This may seem completely obvious, but check and re-check the spelling of your recipient’s name. You do not want a misspelling to be their first impression of your note!

  • A First Line Challenge - Holly Holden, in the same video mentioned above, challenges thank you note writers to never begin the first sentence with the word “I.” She says it presumes you are more important than the person to whom you are writing. So we encourage you go beyond the formulaic “thank you so much for xyz” to creatively express how much the gift meant to you and why. We always love to read how our gift is being used in thank you notes we receive.

  • Make Your Recipient Smile - We borrowed this advice from the talented Event Planner Kalee Baker of Kalee Baker Events. She is a firm believer in the power of a well-written thank you note: "Each day is a gift, so always include a memory or leave them with a kind, positive thought."

  • In Closing - Depending on the depth of your relationship with your recipient, “Sincerely” is always a safe option, but we also love to use “Best” or “With Love.”

  • Late? - Don’t Fret! - We are of the mindset that a late thank you note is always much better than no note at all! 

Still feeling overwhelmed by a long list of thank notes? Do not fret over the length of each note! We are always of the mindset that the acknowledgement of gratitude is the most important piece in the note. So once you have expressed that sentiment, add something personal or a thoughtful well-wish of your recipient. This will ensure that your note appropriately tugs on the reader’s heartstrings.

Happy note writing!

The Dixie Team

Dixie Design Collective is a purveyor of semi-custom stationery and wedding paper, hand-designed by a collective of skilled artists, for discerning clients with a taste for luxurious, artfully driven paper without the lengthy design time or high price point.

Bustle Bride: Emma Freeze

Emma and Zach first met at Pelham High school. “I was a Junior and he was a Senior. We were set up by a mutual friend, and the rest is history!” They were married October 12, 2018 at ShellB Acres, and what a beautiful day it was!

Emma’s favorite part of the day was getting to take pictures with her husband, Zach. It gave them time to be alone together and soak in the moment.

We are so happy to share their beautiful wedding day with you all. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Freeze!

Another favorite memory was reading our written vows to each other. I pretty much laughed the whole time Zach was reading his - they were so funny but true! It was a true representation of our relationship and I’m so glad our guests got to witness that.

Artist Spotlight: Darcy Wilks

Recently, I visited Darcy Wilks’ art studio in Birmingham where she creates abstract art using paint and sawdust. She was beginning to work on a brand new piece, and she took me through the process of working with these materials.

Darcy enjoys working with sawdust because she loves using materials that would otherwise be thrown away. One day, Darcy saw someone preparing to throw away a box of sawdust, so she asked if she could have it. Along with paintings, Darcy also enjoys making abstract charcoal prints.

We are excited to share some photos of Darcy’s art, as well as some behind the scenes shots of her at work in her Birmingham studio!

It’s a Bustle Wedding!

Lisa Harris and Mason Boyd met at church 13 years ago and reconnected this past summer. They had their first date July 31, 2018, got engaged on New Year’s Eve, and were married February 9th, 2019. “To pull the wedding off so quickly, we kept it small and intimate, but still wanted to incorporate special touches,” Lisa said.

Lisa and Mason’s wedding became Bustle’s first ever wedding. Yes, we hosted their lovely wedding in our little dress shop! It was so special and beautiful, and we are so happy for this sweet couple and their family!

Our cake was made by my 12-year-old daughter who insisted on making the cake from the second she learned we were engaged. It may not have been perfect, but it was beautiful and much more special than any cake from a high-end bakery.
Bustle was the perfect place for us to get married. The white, clean and classic space was already beautiful, but it became simply magical just by adding lanterns on the porch, fairy lights inside and flowers.
My “something old” was my husband’s Eagle Scout pin that his mom gave to me which I pinned inside my dress.
Our wedding vendors were all personal friends which meant a lot and made every detail fun. I never once got stressed about the wedding and enjoyed working with people that I loved and who already knew me and I what I liked. Involving friends in the planning and ceremony was a nice way for us to include them despite having such a small ceremony.


Venue: Bustle Gowns

Flowers: Kindred Events

Photography: Jason Wallis (Instagram: @jasonwallis)

(With some photos by Claire H. Jackson)

Invitation: Mary Virginia Baugh (Instagram: @Marvisb)

Hair & Makeup: Celine Russell (Instagram: @celine.russell)

Business Spotlight: Wild Honey Flower Truck

We had the pleasure of hosting Birmingham’s Wild Honey Flower Truck at Bustle last week on the most beautiful spring Saturday ever. So many lovely people stopped by to create the prettiest bouquets, and we had such a fun time!

Owners, Josh and Kelsey Sizemore, launched their business in November of 2018 and we are so glad they did! Here are some photos from the most perfect flower truck day!

Photo by: Claire H. Jackson

Photo by: Claire H. Jackson

Photo by: Laura Barry Starnes


Lauren Barry Starnes (@laurenstarnes_)

Claire Hovater Jackson (@clairehovaterjackson)