Olexa's Cafe

Diane Olexa is the brilliant chef behind Olexa's Cafe, Cakes, and Catering, and from a young age she was introduced into the world of wedding cakes. She watched her mother create beautiful wedding cakes for brides on their big day. Diane, herself, created her first wedding cake in her early 20s as a gift for a college friend, and from that point on she fell in love with the creative art. That love blossomed into starting her own business in the kitchen of her alma mater, Southeastern Bible College right here in Birmingham, Alabama.

A few years later, she and her mother joined forces and expanded her business to include corporate and social event catering. Diane explains that she remembers one reception where a wedding guest approached her and complimented, "Everything is so delicious, where can we go to eat your food?" Thus, in 2004 Olexa's Cafe, Cakes, and Catering opened its doors.

Today, guests can enjoy everything from homemade quiche to panini sandwiches to their well-known buttercreme cakes all while dining in a european-style cafe setting.