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Venue Spotlight: The Theodore

We recently paid a visit to the new wedding and event venue, The Theodore, located in downtown Birmingham. We were treated to a private tour by owner, Cindy Rhoden. The space is not only beautiful, but was carefully designed to be both functional and accessible. For example, the loading docks are designed to allow caterers, florists and other wedding pros to load/unload easily and to slip in and out unnoticed by guests.

The Theodore has the space to host more guests than most venues, with max capacity being 860 guests. The grand historical rooms are a perfect canvas for a wide variety of weddings and events, and booking The Theodore includes rental of their chairs and stage. The venue also has a chic, cozy room for small meetings/presentations or for the bride and groom to share a moment together before joining their reception. 

Take a peek at a few of the pics from our tour of this fab new Birmingham wedding venue!

Bustle Bride: Dee Repici

Dee Repici and Blake Boland met years ago at work and quickly hit it off! After a considerable amount of thought and planning, they decided to join their families. They had two wedding ceremonies to celebrate. The first was a beautiful wedding ceremony on May 25th, 2018 in Birmingham, surrounded by their families and their four children, Harper, Carter, Henley, and Claire. Their second was a private romantic ceremony in Positano, Italy, on June 1st, 2018.

We are so happy for Dee and Blake and are so excited to share their beautiful weddings with you. What a dream!

Positano Ceremony:

Dee&Blake-536 (1).jpg
Our entire trip to Positano was a dream! We especially loved walking through the streets of the city in our wedding attire and hearing the travelers and locals applaud and exclaim “Congratulazioni!” and “Bella sposa!”

Birmingham Ceremony:

Our favorite part of the Birmingham ceremony was the first look. Since this ceremony was mainly for our four children, having the first look just between the two of us was very memorable.
image3 (1).jpeg


Birmingham, AL

Photography - Photos By Heart

Videography - FWD Digital

Florals - RD Designs

Hair & Makeup - Brittany Massey

Venue - Redmont Hotel

Cake made by my then 8-year-old daughter Claire

Harpist - Charla Murray

Positano, Italy

Photography - Maison Pestea

Videography - Luigi DeGregorio

Wedding Planner - Capri Moments (flowers, boat, Vespa, cake, etc.)

Hair & Makeup - Alessandro Mancini 

Ceremony Venue - Marincanto Hotel

Mandolin and Guitar - Giuseppe Rispoli

Bustle Bride: Anna Elizabeth (Griffin) Price

Anna Elizabeth (Griffin) Price first met Grant at a church she was visiting. A friend of hers was planning to introduce them to each other that day, but they locked eyes before she had a chance to. From that moment, Anna had a feeling Grant would change her future forever, and she was right! They dated for 2 years after that, and then he proposed Aug 11th 2018. Grant and Anna got married, December 1st, in the same church they first saw each other in. We are so happy to share their wedding with you today!

It was a perfect day! Thanks to friends and family, it went seamlessly. My favorite part was, of course, seeing him for the first time. I didn’t think my heart could beat that fast.
My second favorite part was getting to drive away from the church as a married couple. That was such a real moment for us. I am so thankful for him, and the joy he brings to my life as my husband.


Photographers - Evan and Sarah Travers 

Hair & Makeup - Abby Robertson

Cake - Kathy Brodock

Dress - Bustle Gowns

Flowers - Hannah Howard

Valentine's Day Bouquets

This Valentine’s Day, we partnered with Kindred Events, to provide some beautiful flower arrangements for all the lovebirds out there! It was so much fun, and we wanted to share some of the photos from the day with you.


Bustle Bride: Catherine Hails Chmiel

Catherine + Scott Chmiel


Catherine Hails and Scott Chmiel were introduced to each other on Tinder! “We met January 22, 2017 and I knew it was different,” Catherine said. She said he was so caring and respectful and called when he said he would. Pretty soon they were engaged, got a house and a dog and then got married all in 2018.

When the wedding planning started, Catherine felt a bit overwhelmed with all the details and decisions. She finally decided she wanted a beautiful, comfortable outdoor wedding, and that is certainly what she got! They were married October 28th, 2018. We are so excited to share Catherine and Scotts wedding day with you all.

Everything we’d hoped for was far exceeded with the help of family, friends, and a team of incredibly talented and professional vendors.
One of my favorite parts was how much love and happiness surrounded the entire day. Every person there was genuinely happy to be a part of our special day!
_73A2284 (1).jpg
My dad passed away 13 years ago with cancer. The last week of his life, I asked him how would I know if I’m marrying the right man. He said pebbles would be my answer. We never knew how that would show itself and I’d never told Scott about it. After getting Moose, who’d dug up the grass in our yard, Scott came home one day with a Pinterest picture of how to fix it... it was a low maintenance yard covered in pebbles. He just kept saying “pebbles” and I was like “oh my gosh!” We had pebbles lining the cabin where we stayed on our wedding night and pebbles all around the venue. My dad showed us a gazillion different ways he was with us. I’m sure he was the reason we ended up with a dream come true start to our married life together!


Venue: Belle Farm Events

Photography: Mary Fehr

Catering: Premium Hospitality Catering

Dress: Bustle Gowns (us)

Flowers: Lindsay Kessler Designs

Videography: BBmedia

DJ: Platinum Entertainment 

Dress cleaners: Berthon’s Mtn Brook

Hair & Makeup: Melissa Bogardus @make_up_mel

Dress alterations: Luz @LDhautecouture

Cake: April Smith @aprileesmith on Instagram

Bustle Bride: JoAnna Little Feldewerth

JoAnna + Andrew Feldewerth


JoAnna Little Feldewerth originally met Andrew Feldewerth at an intramural frisbee game in college at Samford University. After the game the team went to Sonic and JoAnna and Andrew started talking all about music. They decided to meet up at Reid Chapel to have a jam session together and their friendship grew from there. They fell in love and ended up getting married in that very same chapel on July 21st, 2018! 

We loved hearing about how JoAnna and Andrew met and seeing what a beautiful wedding they had - what a special couple! To top it all off, this talented bride made her own wedding cake! We are so happy for this sweet couple and are so excited to share their wedding day with you.

I will forever remember the faces Andrew made when those doors opened! It was a beautiful reminder of how God looks at me.

Bustle Bride: Olivia Kaylan Santos


Our newest Bustle Bride is Olivia Kaylan Santos! She and her new husband, Igor Gomes Santos met in college but didn’t start dating until afterwards. After they graduated, they moved within three hours of each other and he finally asked her out on a date!

Olivia spontaneously invited him to the beach with her family, and a year later they were married on May 26, 2018. They are now expecting their first child!

Congratulations Olivia and Igor on your marriage and on starting your family. We are so pleased to share their beautiful wedding day with all of you!

When I finally made it close enough to see his reaction, he had cupped his face with his hands and was crying. I have never seen a more precious nor genuine reaction from another human being and it was truly beautiful.


We recently celebrated the 5th birthday of Bustle so we decided to throw a party for the occasion! We converted the wedding dress shop into a party zone with flowers, balloons, cake and champagne! All our local friends joined us for the celebration, and it was a wonderful night.

Thank you to all who have supported us over the years as a local business in the great city of Homewood. Here are some photos taken of our birthday party for Bustle!


Maddie Harper

We are so very pleased to share with you the work of one of our own: Maddie Harper. Through her thriving business, Kindred Events, Maddie offers event planning services and specializes in floral arrangement design. Keep reading for Maddie's Q&A and to see photos showcasing her beautifulwork!

Maddie Harper || Owner of Kindred Events 

Maddie Harper || Owner of Kindred Events 

Kindred Events was born out of a passion to honor the most important thing we have in life: each other.


What inspired you to start Kindred Events?

The short answer would be my family. I am a part of a family who loves to gather, no matter the occasion. When we gather together, it creates a space for relationships to flourish, and I knew I wanted to help cultivate those moments for others in a beautiful and intentional way. 


What services to you offer?

Kindred Events events offers two types of planning services, as well as floral design! I believe the planning and design elements of a wedding go hand in hand, so I knew I wanted to be able to serve brides in both areas! Whether you just need a right hand gal the day of, or a sounding board for all of those Pinterest dreams from the get go, I am passionate about creating a planning process that inspires creativity and ensures the couple's day runs as smoothly as possible.


What is your favorite flower and why?

Oh man, that’s a hard one! I think I might have to go with garden roses (I might be partial because my middle name is Rose!) They are classic and create such a beautiful canvas. A close second are anemones - those girls are dramatic and moody and I love it!


What do you like most about working with brides?

I love hearing each bride’s unique story and vision, and bringing it to fruition in a way that honors and celebrates the couple’s journey. It is such a special and deeply personal day, and I am so honored when a couple invites me to be a part.


kylie rae photography

kylie rae photography

I’m thrilled to have found an avenue in event planning that allows me to join my passion for hospitality, creating beauty, and celebrating relationships into a career.

sarah moser photography

sarah moser photography

sarah moser photography

sweet julep photography

sweet julep photography

Photo credit for the above:

Sweet Julep Photography @sweetjulepphotography

Kelsey Tice Photography @kelseytice

Audrey Reid Photography @awaudrey

Sarah Moser Photography @smoserphoto

Kylie Rae Photography @kylierae_photography