Bustle Bride: JoAnna Little Feldewerth

JoAnna + Andrew Feldewerth


JoAnna Little Feldewerth originally met Andrew Feldewerth at an intramural frisbee game in college at Samford University. After the game the team went to Sonic and JoAnna and Andrew started talking all about music. They decided to meet up at Reid Chapel to have a jam session together and their friendship grew from there. They fell in love and ended up getting married in that very same chapel on July 21st, 2018! 

We loved hearing about how JoAnna and Andrew met and seeing what a beautiful wedding they had - what a special couple! To top it all off, this talented bride made her own wedding cake! We are so happy for this sweet couple and are so excited to share their wedding day with you.

I will forever remember the faces Andrew made when those doors opened! It was a beautiful reminder of how God looks at me.