Bustle Bride: Anna Elizabeth (Griffin) Price

Anna Elizabeth (Griffin) Price first met Grant at a church she was visiting. A friend of hers was planning to introduce them to each other that day, but they locked eyes before she had a chance to. From that moment, Anna had a feeling Grant would change her future forever, and she was right! They dated for 2 years after that, and then he proposed Aug 11th 2018. Grant and Anna got married, December 1st, in the same church they first saw each other in. We are so happy to share their wedding with you today!

It was a perfect day! Thanks to friends and family, it went seamlessly. My favorite part was, of course, seeing him for the first time. I didn’t think my heart could beat that fast.
My second favorite part was getting to drive away from the church as a married couple. That was such a real moment for us. I am so thankful for him, and the joy he brings to my life as my husband.


Photographers - Evan and Sarah Travers 

Hair & Makeup - Abby Robertson

Cake - Kathy Brodock

Dress - Bustle Gowns

Flowers - Hannah Howard