Reflect Visual Arts: Abby Little

Abby Little is an incredibly talented local artist and teacher, who has experimented with various types of art since she was 4 years old. She's had over 14 years of classical art training in oil, acrylic, watercolor, master drawing, calligraphy, and art history. Now, Abby creates artwork for churches, studios, homes, and businesses nationally, and she also enjoys sharing her love of art by teaching students of all ages. She was the 2010 National Beta Club Convention's first-place award winner for Acrylic On-site art, as well as their first-place State Watercolorist. Abby strives to encourage art education and appreciation for students of all ages. She instills the love of God's beauty through the mastery of art. 

"I believe in a Master Artist and His greatness as the Author of beauty. All that we create is a mimic of original inspiration from the Master Creator--a majesty that surpasses all the we can imagine." -Abby Little

Abby Little is such a talented chick and we're in love with all of her work!