Holler and Dash: A Biscuit House

Holler and Dash is the new Homewood restaurant hotspot. Their biscuit-inspired menu pays tribute to the South while adding a delicious twist. They have everything from hot chicken biscuits that will want to "make you Holler" to biscuits with a Dash of raspberry jam and nutella. While biscuits are their main attraction, they also offer salad, grits, parfaits, tater tots, and New Orleans inspired beignets.

Their chefs Jason McConnell and Brandon Frohne were both born and raised in the South and southern food and hospitality runs in their DNA. They love mixing different flavors to create a delicious unconventional twist on the famous southern comfort food.

They stated that their mission "is to provide a respite from modern life and to deliver Southern traditions with sizzle." They've definitely accomplished that-even pictures of their biscuits makes mouths water!