Bustle Bride: Cory Grabany Townsend

We're thrilled to feature Cory Grabany Townsend as the newest addition of Bustle Brides. Cory and her hubby, Caleb, began their happily ever after on November 18 at Creekside Meadows.

"Caleb and I met almost 5 years ago through a mutual friend. We both worked in fitness at the time, so I knew it was meant to be. After a year of dating he moved to North Carolina for a job opportunity. Long distance wasn’t ideal but we made it work. After 2 long years we both decided it was time to move back to Birmingham or cut ties. Long distance was definitely hard but I knew whatever we decided it was God’s plan. Caleb moved back to Birmingham on October 27, 2016 and on November 25 we were engaged. I felt like I had waited forever to hear those 4 words, but in that moment I knew it was perfect timing."

Cory was an absolute dream on her special day in her Ivy & Aster fit and flare gown! Cory was such a joy to have in the store, and we so loved the chance to help her find the perfect dress!

I would say my favorite part of our wedding day was after the wedding when we left heading to the beach. All day it was projected to rain 100% but the rain never came. We stopped by Taco Mama on the way to grab a bite to eat. As soon as we walked into the restaurant it came a downpour. Caleb unfortunately had to run and get the car. He was drenched from head to toe when he came around to pick me up. It wasn’t funny at the time because he was freezing and I had no towels or anything in my car but now we can’t help but laugh. Nothing like driving to the beach in the pouring rain feeding your husband tacos.
— Cory Grabany Townsend


Photography: Beth Samples

Venue: Creekside Meadows