Bustle Bride: Claire Hovater Jackson

Our newest Bustle Bride is Claire Hovater Jackson and we couldn't be happier! Claire and her husband Daniel began their forever together on May 6, 2017 at the beautiful Hargis Wedding Chapel in Chelsea, AL. 

Claire and Daniel's love story began long before they started dating. They grew up going to the same church and Claire was best friends with Daniel's sister, Erin, and their parents were long time friends. So Claire grew up around Daniel, but since he was a few years older, they didn't really know each other until she began working with his mom after she started college. Claire always had a little bit of a crush on him, and Erin knew so when Daniel moved back to Birmingham, she played cupid and would invite Daniel and Claire over for dinner at the same time at her parents house to get to know each other. One thing led to another, and one night in December Daniel told Claire he liked her. They started officially dating after that, and the rest is history!

We so loved being part of Claire's wedding gown decision. She was such a joy to have in the store, and she has the most genuine heart. She was nothing short of stunning in her Anne Barge strapless ballgown with full tulle skirt. We are swooning over her photos from her special day!

I was in my dressing room up until the wedding pictures and first look, and I didn’t go out of the dressing room in case Daniel saw me. But every time he would pass the room, someone would say “There goes Daniel, don’t let him see you!” in a playful way and my heart would skip a beat. Every time I thought of him the whole morning my heart would just flutter. When I finally saw him turn around and smile at me for the first time, I was so at ease and so happy that nothing else mattered. I was just so incredibly thrilled and grateful that I was getting to marry him and be with him forever.
Daniel Claire-Ceremony-0082.jpg
Daniel Claire-Ceremony-0065.jpg


Venue: Hargis Wedding Chapel

Photographer: Katie Jewell Beech

Cake: Telia Johnson

Caterers: John and Susan Brolund

Flowers: Elaine Hill

Makeup: Summer Burk with Gypset Beauty Co.

Hair: Michelle Schaefer with GlowPro