It’s a Bustle Wedding!

Lisa Harris and Mason Boyd met at church 13 years ago and reconnected this past summer. They had their first date July 31, 2018, got engaged on New Year’s Eve, and were married February 9th, 2019. “To pull the wedding off so quickly, we kept it small and intimate, but still wanted to incorporate special touches,” Lisa said.

Lisa and Mason’s wedding became Bustle’s first ever wedding. Yes, we hosted their lovely wedding in our little dress shop! It was so special and beautiful, and we are so happy for this sweet couple and their family!

Our cake was made by my 12-year-old daughter who insisted on making the cake from the second she learned we were engaged. It may not have been perfect, but it was beautiful and much more special than any cake from a high-end bakery.
Bustle was the perfect place for us to get married. The white, clean and classic space was already beautiful, but it became simply magical just by adding lanterns on the porch, fairy lights inside and flowers.
My “something old” was my husband’s Eagle Scout pin that his mom gave to me which I pinned inside my dress.
Our wedding vendors were all personal friends which meant a lot and made every detail fun. I never once got stressed about the wedding and enjoyed working with people that I loved and who already knew me and I what I liked. Involving friends in the planning and ceremony was a nice way for us to include them despite having such a small ceremony.


Venue: Bustle Gowns

Flowers: Kindred Events

Photography: Jason Wallis (Instagram: @jasonwallis)

(With some photos by Claire H. Jackson)

Invitation: Mary Virginia Baugh (Instagram: @Marvisb)

Hair & Makeup: Celine Russell (Instagram: @celine.russell)