Bustle Bride: Darcy Echols Wilks

Darcy Echols and Jake Wilks met in high school. Jake asked for Darcy’s number and things went from there. “A good bit of time went by and we found ourselves still together in college and crazy in love,” said Darcy. They were married on January 6th, 2017!

This particular couple is so special to me because I know them and actually got to attend their wedding. It is so easy to see that these two people have so much love for each other and for God. It was so beautiful getting to worship with them as they became husband and wife.

My favorite part of our wedding day was the snow. It was the sweetest touch the Lord could have given to the day. The reception got cut short, but we got to dance in the middle of the street while the snow was coming down and in moments like those, we didn’t notice the cold.
We are each other’s absolute best friends. He’s always the one I want to tell things to, and we just have a blast together. Marriage is the most amazing adventure and I’m completely smitten with my goof ball of a husband.