How to find the perfect wedding gown

You've dreamed about it your whole life. The elegant wedding dress that fits you perfectly and makes you look like a princess. But, sometimes fulfilling this dream of the perfect gown can be difficult after you get engaged. Sleeveless, strapless, halter, lace, traditional, short, long? With so many options, where do you start? Here's a simple guide to make sure you find just the right dress for your big day. 

Tip 1 - Look around online to narrow down what you want.

Having even just a rough idea of what you might want before you try on dresses can save you a lot of time and headache.

Tip 2 - Choose your fabric before fit.

This is a contrary to what most people do. But, you should and here is a lit of reasons why we ware suggesting that you do this. 

Tip 3 - Decide on traditional or trendy.

If you decide to go traditional here's some things to think about with pros and cons. If you go trendy, think about these pros and cons. 

Tip 4 - Give yourself plenty of time.

Girls that come in and have to rush to find a dress are always a little panicked and this is the worst feeling when it comes to finding a dress. Schedule it as far from your wedding as you can.

Tip 5 - Know what can be altered.

It's amazing what a good seamstress can do with a dress. Knowing what can and can't be altered can open up new options that you haven't even considered before. Check out the before and after of these dresses:


Tip 6 - Look for something that accentuates your curvy boom boom.

We all do it. But, don't pretend your body is something it isn't. Just get one that make sense for you. 

Tip 7 - Think about accessories.

Sometimes adding a belt or bandana can take a dress from average to hot mama shake your bottom awesome. Get creative and have fun, you idiot. 

Tip 8 - Not sure.

But, eight tips seems like a nice round number so I wanted to add another point. Love ya, Mer Mer.


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