Meet Nikki

Nikki is a creative and talented young teacher from Birmingham, AL. She came to Bustle searching for the perfect wedding gown for her special day. Nikki had some very specific ideas in mind when it came to the details of her wedding gown and she also knew she needed a gown that wouldn't break the bank. So, she turned to the expert team at Bustle to help her find the perfect dress. 

Meet Nikki

“I spent days trying on gowns at various dress shops, and by the time I arrived at Bustle I was exhausted from trying dress after dress. As soon as I walked into Bustle, however, I knew it would be different from other boutiques. Undoubtedly, the aesthetic was charming, but what’s more, the atmosphere was set apart by Meredith’s warm personality. I appreciated that she really listened as I described the type of dress I was looking for; she had even selected dresses for me to try before I arrived! I loved that my friends and I had a large, private fitting room all to ourselves and that I didn’t have to parade into a common area full of other brides. It was so fun to hear their gasps when I modeled my gown! I was excited to finally find the dress of my dreams and adored sharing that moment with my girls. From start to finish, I loved my experience at Bustle and I will always remember it.”

When Nikki came in, we felt an instant connection. She had such a distinctive style and charming personality, we couldn't help but love her. The events of Nikki's wedding day were scheduled to take place at several different locations in Birmingham, Alabama: photos at the Botanical Gardens, ceremony at Third Presbyterian Church and reception at Woodrow Hall; we needed a dress that would carry her through the day. So, we presented three options and here's why we chose them. 

Dress number 1 was the Sophie by Lula Kate. We liked it for its simplicity and the uniqueness of the fabric. The gown is made of raw silk and has a subtle ruffle around the unique boat neckline.

Dress number 2 was the Sophia by J.Crew. The Sophia dress is made of a luxurious silk tricotine and has a very sophisticated, modern-bride look.

Dress number 3 was the Newbury by Joanna August. The Newbury is a lovely wrap dress made of silk chiffon which gives the gown a very airy, ethereal look.

Nikki said 'yes' to dress number 3 and we agree it was the perfect dress for her! The Joanna August gown was simple yet elegant and matched Nikki's wedding and personal style to a T. She added her personal touch by pairing the dress with an elegant lace jacket and a silk sash she made by hand.

To help each bride find the perfect dress, we use this three step process:

1. We ask the bride to tell us all about her dream gown.

2. Once we get the details from the bride, we search our inventory for the dresses we think will most excite her and when she arrives, we have a selection of gowns ready and waiting in the fitting room.

3. We assist the bride in trying each gown until we have that magical moment when we know she's found 'the one'. 

At Bustle, we believe every bride should have her perfect gown. We founded Bustle on the philosophy that with a little special care and attention, you will be the bride of your dreams. To find your own perfect dress like Nikki, schedule a free appointment today!